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See Our CIM Students in Action

WOC360 2020 Weatherton.JPG
This January, you will have an opportunity to see the effect that the Concrete Industry Management Program has had on 10-12 students who are nearing graduation. Pictured are the students who were selected by their program director to represent their institutions for the 2020 Weatherton Award Presentation Competition.

On January 17, 2022 World of Concrete will host the annual Weatherton Award Presentation Competition. World of Concrete invites 3 students each from California State University – Chico, Middle Tennessee State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Texas State University. Each student’s presentations must show how a student’s research activities, internships, or capstone coursework has reinforced CIM’s educational objectives.

Each presentation reflects the student’s individual contribution and how the lessons learned in the endeavor will impact on the student’s contribution to their career in the concrete industry. Past presentation topics included: “What CIM Can Do for You”; “Concrete Industry Management Program: Internships”; “Research Project: Investigation of Sulfur Concrete Mixes for Mars Infrastructure”.

The student who is judged to have prepared the best presentation will win the paper the Bob Weatherton Award and receives a $2500 award. Judges are key industry leaders.

World of Concrete attendees are invited to witness the presentations and meet the students following the formal program. The session will begin at 2:30 pm pst. 

Presentations Highlight CIM Goals

Designed to provide graduates with a broad array of initial opportunities within the concrete industry, the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program provides the industry with future managers and leaders. CIM is a business intensive program providing solid management skills specifically for the concrete industry.

Students participate in a curriculum that enables them to become broadly educated, articulate graduates grounded in basic business management, who are knowledgeable of concrete technology and techniques and can manage people and systems as well as promote products or services related to the concrete industry.

Honoring an Industry Legend

World of Concrete established the award in honor of Big Bob Weatherton. Weatherton, who died in 2016, had been closely associated with the founding of World of Concrete, being named an industry legend in 2015. Weatherton is best remembered for his work in the concrete pump industry. He invented the articulating boom truck for concrete pumps, which allowed boom trucks with long reaches to travel easily to jobsites. Weatherton was a catalyst of change supporting concrete, producers, and design professionals. World of Concrete knows that Weatherton’s contribution to our industry will be serve as an example to CIM students.


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