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Ligchine Introduces the Screedsaver Elite

The Screedsaver Elite laser-guided concrete screed machine equips placing contractors with several new features to optimize jobsite performance.

The Screedsaver Elite equips concrete placing contractors with several new features to optimize their jobsite performance. The Screedsaver Elite is Ligchine’s newest laser-guided concrete screed machine to join the Screedsaver line of innovative, labor-saving machines. “The ScreedSaver ELITE is a completely new machine that combines the best features of both the popular PRO and BOSS machines, and then adds a number of new innovations,” said Dave Ring, CEO of Ligchine. 

The new laser-guided concrete screed, launched in late 2020, features unmatched power, exceptional performance/accuracy, and better jobsite maneuverability.

  • Key to these new features is Ligchine’s introduction of its side-shift head for screeding around the most difficult obstacles. The side-shift head allows great production rates, since operators can easily line up the head when clearing stick-ups that would have required machine tramming. “The operator doesn’t need to spend time trying to line up the machine perfectly to clear an obstacle or stay parallel to a wall,” said Ring.
  • The Screedsaver Elite provides contractors greater productivity. Its heavy-duty boom sections reach out to 18 feet, and support a 12-foot screed head. This combination translates into increased finished square footage per pass. These features will decrease the number of screed cycles during placement and should result in shorter placement times.
  • The SCREEDSAVER ELITE also features a new chassis design. It's all-wheel drive aids in moving the screed through the job site to the placement area.The new chassis is narrower, providing better navigation through smaller doors or onto smaller transport trailers.   

   Other new features that benefit contractors includes:

  • A larger fuel tank capacity resulting in longer run times between refueling.
  • Greater operator visibility thanks to the chassis' lower profile
  • An on-board pressure washer for efficient cleaning throughout concrete placement to prevent material buildup and for end of day washdown.
  • Improved remote controls with a more intuitive layout, added controls, and diagnostics at the operator's fingertips.
  • If desired, a contractor can economically add dual sonic trackers to match surfaces without extra cabling or software.
  • Its streamlined electronics require less maintenance and allow for easier jobsite setup.
  • Control system enhancements that increase screed accuracy and more tuneability to perfect machine movements

The Screedsaver Elite is currently available for purchase.

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