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10 More Products From World of Concrete

Ligchine Ligchine Screedsaver Max Plus.JPG
Browse more products from the show floor of World of Concrete, including a new screed, a drilling robot, and a dispatcher-driver communications tool.

Excitement was in the air as Las Vegas’ first major trade show in 16 months descended on the Las Vegas Convention Center, including the brand-new West Hall. From the exhibit floor to the classrooms to the outdoor lots, attendees were treated to expert education, a range of new products and equipment, and an endless display of skills and craftsmanship.

Following our preview of 12 products from the show earlier this month, here are 10 more products from the show.

Ligchine: Screed

The new ScreedSaver Max Plus screed features a patent-pending SwingBoom pivoting frame, which the company says provides unmatched screed head maneuverability (up to 5’3” side-to-side), reducing the number of needed machine movements to increase speed while maintaining accuracy. Other features include a built-in diagnostic touch screen, Topcon laser receivers, revamped wireless remote control system, and a quiet 24.9-HP Honda gas engine.

LigchineLigchine Screedsaver Max Plus.JPG

Allen Engineering: Riding Trowels

The company has redesigned its MSP445 riding trowels with several key features, including push-to-start, a pressure-activated seat, central grease port, and a foot- (rather than hand-) activated spray system. The riding trowel’s other features include a five-bladed rotor driven by a super heavy-duty gearbox, allowing power to be delivered where needed. A removable front panel provides easy access for maintenance.

Allen EngineeringAllen Engineering_MSP445_0.png

Hilti: Drilling Robot

Designed to increase productivity and speed, the Jaibot semi-automated construction robot uses digital plans to mark and drill overhead holes for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and interior finishing work. The cordless system operates up to eight hours on a single charge. Jaibot includes a built-in dust removal system. While working, Jaibot syncs to the system so the operator can track project status in real time.


Quikrete: Concrete Mix

Q-Max Pro rapid-hardening concrete mix hits the sweet spot—a one-hour working time and a three-hour walk-on time. The fiber-reinforced concrete offers a compressive strength of 6500 PSI. It also provides superior workability and finishing while resisting drying shrinkage cracks, the company says. Q-Max Pro can be used for a range of applications, including slabs, footings, steps, columns, floors, sidewalks, and patios.


Zello: Dispatcher-Driver Communications

Dispatch Hub leverages Zello’s smartphone- or tablet-enabled push-to-talk messaging service to allow dispatchers and drivers to communicate in near real-time over long distances. Dispatch Hub places calls in a queue to enable more streamlined and efficient—and ultimately less stressful—communication workflow. The tool allows dispatchers to prioritize calls, distribute call load, and focus on one message at a time, allowing drivers to operate more safely while receiving reliable one-on-one replies. The company says the tool helps dispatch centers achieve greater ROI.

Zello Dispatch Hub_Newproductzone .png

Honda Engines: Electrified Power Unit

The Honda eGX advanced electrified power unit is the company’s first battery-powered motor for OEM power equipment, including rammers, power trowels, and vibratory plate compactors. The unit delivers quiet operation, reduced vibration, and quick charging, with a three-phase brushless DC motor designed to increase performance and reliability. The motor and battery pack are dust and water resistant.

Honda eGX.jpg

Aquajet: Online Equipment Tracking

Aquajet Online is a new cloud-based system that provides equipment tracking, real-time diagnostics, data collection, and analytics for the company’s hydrodemolition machines. The tool provides actionable data that allows operators to track the long-term value of equipment and impact on overall operation. It tracks all registered machines, allowing for at-a-glance insights into machine status as well as remote diagnostics, when necessary, to help avoid downtime. It also securely stores data for historic financial analysis.


Simpson Strong-Tie: Screw Anchors

The Titen family of concrete and masonry screw anchoring solutions are designed for strength and reliability and for fast and easy installation. New to the line is the Titen HD Washer-Head Style heavy-duty screw anchor, which can be used for cracked and uncracked concrete as well as masonry. It is designed for applications where a minimal head profile is necessary. Available in sizes for sill plate applications, its low installed profile allows modular wall and floor systems to be installed on top with no need for notching the wall framing.


Keson: Chalk Boxes

The G150BOLD chalk box features 150 feet of heavy-duty poly-cord braided string, a large hand-hold suitable for use with gloves, and a one-piece steel crank handle. The chalk box has capacity for up to a pound of chalk, with a patented "Big Mouth" opening for easy filling and a no-leak stopper.

Keson_150 Giant.jpg

Mack Trucks: Automated Manual Transmission

For customers requiring more horsepower, Mack’s mDrive HD automated manual transmission (AMT) is now available with the Mack TerraPro cabover concrete pumpers with 13-liter Mack MP 8 engines. The 13- and 14-speed mDrive helps improve performance, boosts on-site productivity and safety, and maximizes uptime, the company says. The mDrive HD paired with the MP8 engine delivers up to 505 HP and 1,860 ft.-lbs. of torque. Features include split-shaft PTO functionality, ruggedized internal components, and low-ration creeper gears for improved stability and ultra-low speed maneuverability.

Mack mDRIVE HD Now Available in Mack TerraPro Concrete Pumpers Powered by MP8 Engine_2.jpg

See more products at the World of Concrete New Product Zone.

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